Storied RootsTech Ultimate Deal

Take a deep dive into your family history with an annual subscription to Storied and NewspaperArchive. Plus, get a keepsake StoriedBook™ to cherish forever all for the low price of $99.

Membership Includes: Yearly Subscription to Storied, NewspaperArchive, and a StoriedBook™

For just $99, journey into your past, scribe your present, and ensure a legacy for the future.

Storied is an innovative new family history site with more to offer than your typical genealogy platform. Not only can you build your family tree and search historical records and newspapers, but you can also craft stories, relive memories, collect photos, and pull it all together by collaborating with groups you create of family and friends.

StoriedBook™ is our newly released keepsake book. Create a family heirloom that's up to 200 pages with color by collaborating with family, weaving together tales and photos. A legacy, vivid and enduring, awaits within its pages. The keepsake book, meticulously crafted, becomes a family heirloom, immortalizing stories, photos, and milestones.

NewspaperArchive is a must for any family history enthusiast. Find information you just can't find anywhere else with 85%+ exclusive content. Unlock the world's largest digital newspaper archive. From small-town stories to global events, NewspaperArchive bridges you to the past. Rediscover family mentions and watch history unfold, one page at a time.

Your Stories, Bound Together for Eternity.

Craft your family's narrative and immortalize cherished memories. Turn whispers of the past into tangible tales with our premium keepsake StoriedBook™.

Discover. Document. Delight.

Storied lets you traverse time, connecting dots in your family's journey. Chronicle milestones, and bring them to life in a digital archive.

Journey through Time with NewspaperArchive.

Access millions of newspaper pages from 1607-2023. Discover family mentions, witness history unfold, and relive the moments that shaped generations.

Create Your Family's Legacy

Step into a world of discovery and connect with your past like never before at a historically low price.

Connect with Loved Ones

Build and explore your family tree. Share memories, photos, and stories, creating a rich tapestry of kinship.

Learn About the Past

Delve into over 15,500 newspapers, uncover billions of records, and discover the events that shaped your ancestors' lives.

Leave a Legacy

Craft a StoriedBook™ to pass down through generations, preserving your family's history in a tangible, treasured format.